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The Recipe to become an Elleebana Artist

11 Mar 2022

Becoming an Elleebana Artist is so much more than being just any lash or brow artist.  There are a few things you need under your beauty belt to assist in paving the way for you to become an Elleebana Artist.   To be an Elleebana Artist...

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You Say Rods, I Say Shields

25 Feb 2022

Quite often we get asked what we use the most on our clients or if we would prefer a rod or a shield. So let us give you a straightforward answer: We LOVE them both! There’s a time and place for the use of both...

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24 Feb 2022

Instagram Reels are a great and easy way to showcase your work as an Elleebana Educator, grow your salon business, attract customers and get more students to join your Elleebana classes.   Reels get 3 to 4 times more views than posts on Instagram because...

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10 Instagram Mistakes You Should Avoid

23 Feb 2022

Instagram mistakes affect your online presence, your brand and your conversion rates. In some cases, it may even destroy the reputation and trust you worked so hard to build. Mistakes help you grow, but not on Instagram. You must be trying to pin-point all the...

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