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The Colour Orange

6 Aug 2021

The colour of adventure and social communication. The colour orange radiates warmth and happiness, combining the physical energy and stimulation of red with the cheerfulness of yellow. The colour psychology of orange is optimistic and uplifting, rejuvenating our spirit. Orange brings spontaneity and a positive...

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Brow Lamination and Vitiligo

28 Jul 2021

During the Elleebana Marathon, hosted by our Russian distribution team we had a brilliant question come through.  One that isn’t often asked, but one that really deserves a fair amount of explanation and understanding.  The question was “can you perform a brow lamination on a...

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A Profusion Of Options

20 Jul 2021

Elleebana founder Otto Mitter takes time to share the latest product range with SalonEVO. The demand for a lash lift and brow lamination system in one that offered convenience to the therapist prompted a two-year project that has seen thousands of clinical trials take place...

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Master Trainer In The Spotlight – Meet Anieka Mudford

25 Jun 2021

When I was younger, I had dreams of becoming a tattoo artist. I was fascinated by tattoos and body art and still am to this day (which explains all my tattoos). I have always had a creative flare and thrived in Art and Design classes...

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