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Mentoring is the name of the game

24 Aug 2020

Bartender to Brow Boss Babe, Elleebana Trainer, Anastasia Hoff’s career sea change has positioned her at the forefront in the brow game with international recognition achieved within only a few short years. Anastasia says this wouldn’t have happened without the pivotal mentoring from her Elleebana...

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Covid-19 Moving Forward

20 May 2020

As restrictions begin to relax, we can see beauty salons begin to open their doors once again, however this won’t mean that things are going back to normal. The future of the beauty industry will be changed for years to come, so what do we...

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Combining treatments! Lash lifting and Eyelash Extensions.

8 May 2020

A super-hot topic for the lash and beauty industry is combining treatments – who doesn’t love being able to maximise their time and profit? We live in a modern world where so many of us are time poor, we all have those clients that love...

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Eyelash Extension Appointment FAQ’s

27 Mar 2020

All of the unknowns about having lash extensions for the first time, and even if you have had lash extensions before you still might benefit from a little sneak peek at these simply questions and answers, you would be amazed at how much your lash...

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