Course Purchase Success – Australian Students

The Next Steps

1. Now that we have received your form we will go ahead and process you as a student. You will have received an EWAY invoice to your email address that you provided.

2. Once the payment has cleared to our account – we will go ahead and activate you in our Online Course Dashboard. This can take 24-48 hours from the next business day depending on what day of the week and time that you make your purchase. Please note, if you make your purchase in the evening, on a Friday night or on the weekend then your payment may not clear until Tuesday. An email will be sent from Elleebana Excellence Academy with the next steps to activate your account in the Elleebana Excellence Academy Dashboard. How exciting is that!!! Please select a password that you will remember when you follow the activation steps.

3. You will be given three months of access to the course from the date you receive your activation email.

4. Your Elleeplex Profusion products will be dispatched with your invoice on the day you receive your activation link for your course. Keep an eye on your email for a tracking number from Fastway or our Admin team.

5. When you first access your course there will be a welcome section for you to read and to follow the next steps.

6. Remember we are always here if you need us – academy@elleebana.com or you can call us between through Monday to Friday during the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. (07) 5576 6388

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