After two weeks the lashes are starting to look crossed over or not laminated perfectly like they used to? 

Posted on 6 May 2021

If your client is starting to see a change to their lashes after the first 24 hours this is no longer the product – this is their own natural lash regrowth cycle. To determine how many of their lashes are in the resting phase or growing phase when you are performing the treatment is difficult, some lashes it is evident that they are growing but to determine exactly every lash growth stage without isolating it to review the lash, is difficult. By following the rough estimate that we lose on average 3 natural lashes per day then after 14 days (two weeks) your client will have lost 42 of their own natural lashes and new lash growth that will see lashes pointing in a crossed over direction or growing out. This might also mean that the next time they come for a lash lamination the regrowth stage might be much slower and the treatment will last them longer. The length of time that your lash lamination lasts will be determined not always by the result of the lift but also by the speed at which your lash regeneration cycle is taking place.
If a client is losing 5 lashes a day by the end of two weeks they will have lost 70 lashes (5 lashes x 14 days) and the visual of 70 no longer laminated lashes but new straighter growth coming through would be very obvious. Equally, if a large portion of your client’s lashes were in a growth phase when you laminated them (you may have noticed some baby lashes) then these lashes will still be growing out with regrowth of un-lifted lashes at the base. This can make the base of the lash look straight and the end of the lash start to look twisted or crooked. We see some clients who particularly shed their natural lashes more during certain seasons of the year and therefore a lash lamination might only last a few weeks. This is not a result of the product nor the result of the lash lamination treatment but the result of the lash cycle. You can fix this easily by re-laminating the lashes.