How often should I replace my adhesive?

Posted on 29 Apr 2021

6 weeks to 3 months after opening if cared for correctly.

During the application you should be dispensing a new glue dot on your adhesive sticker or glue ring every 15-30 minutes. This will ensure you are using fresh glue that has not been over exposed to air and moisture and improve the adhesion to the natural lash.

Pregnancy and eyelash extensions?

Due to fluctuating hormone levels present in a woman’s body during pregnancy you may find that client’s tolerance for normal products might be more sensitive than usual and they can be more likely to experience irritation or perhaps reduced retention.

In the event of a reaction, a pregnant woman is not able to take antihistamines so ensuring they are made aware of these factors is important.

There is also the comfort factor of your client and laying on their backs can see the uterus pressure on the main vein that returns blood flow back to their hear from their lower body which can result in dizziness or perhaps the client passing out. Please refer to your insurance company and supplier to ask their recommendations on treatments during pregnancy

Regardless of pregnancy or non-pregnancy you should always have an up to date indemnity form from your client on file that has their current medications or any developed allergies.