Is Lash Lamination Damaging to the Lashes?

Posted on 6 May 2021

he chemical process of breaking the disulphide bonds within the lash is damaging to the lash if not performed correctly. This means that the treatment result or condition of the client’s lashes is very much in the control of the user of the products. Over processing the time on the lashes means the bonds are either not able to be reformed well enough or they break so far that they over-process. The inclusion of Elleeplex Re-GEN Next Gen partnered with our unique lamination formula in the lamination lotion offers moisture, nourishment, and support to the lash while the bonds are being broken to soften the hair and provide support. It is a common thing to read from other brands that there is a guaranteed no over processing or damage that can occur to the lashes however altering the lashes natural PH and softening/weakening the disulphide bonds will always cause some level of damage. The coating or film forming ingredients that some other brands may use to disguise what is happening to the hair can be mistrustful or misleading.