What are the most popular mixing ratios? Can I mix the henna colours?

Posted on 30 Apr 2021

There are many ratios that you can use with Elleebana Henna, that is what we love about it, you can come up with nearly any colour combination and customise for your clients’ needs.

Here are some simple examples to create more of an ash tone:

Ash-blonde – 10% black and 90% blonde

Ash light brown – 10% black and 90% light brown

Ash natural brown – (10% black or 10% dark brown) and 90% natural brown

Adding Black or Dark Brown to your mix will really help achieve a longer-lasting result and help to neutralize warmth. It is always going to depend on the base hair colour of your clients. Elleebana offers some really light colours for those clients that only want a subtle tint for the hair and no skin stain.