Posted on 2 Mar 2021

I can’t thank Jess and Elleebana enough for my Classic Lash Extensions Advanced Course training. I left my initial training (with another company) not feeling confident or happy with what I had learnt in my four hour course. I can’t believe how one day of this training has impacted my lash career. I now use the skills I learnt, with every single lash application I provide.
Not only did I receive high quality training from Jess but Elleebana were able to organise the training so I was able to complete this course in Tasmania, which I am extremely grateful for.
Jess went above and beyond with providing one on one training and also provides me with ongoing support to this day. Jess is understanding and she worked hard to get me where I am today. She is an excellent trainer and she really knows this industry inside out. I am looking forward to learning more from Jess.