I attended the Lash Extensions Classic Course and I enjoyed learning this new skill. It was delivered easy enough to follow along without being too overwhelming. My trainer Anieka was very professional and lovely I would 10/10 recommend Anieka’s class. It was an easy introduction to lash extensions and Anieka was very patient and helpful.

Cayla Garratt

The content in the Lash Lift course was thorough and made sense. Even though I’ve had some experience in the beauty industry, the content could easily be understood by someone with no experience. Anieka is amazing! She explained everything really well, and was happy to answer questions and give feedback. She’s very approachable and you can tell she’s passionate about training others! I love that a kit is included. I did buy a few extras, but for a beginner it’s great that everything is included. I also love the small class size. It felt more personal. To begin with I thought maybe a 1 day class wasn’t enough, but after doing a few lash lifts on my own I realised it is. Especially because you’re still able to communicate with your trainer afterwards if needed. I’ve just started a brow studio, and it’s been great having a lash treatment on my service list, and an alternative to extensions (which I have no interest in doing). I would definitely recommend this course to others and I already do!

Aleyna Speirs

Teigan was very helpful. She is so kind and always willing to go above and beyond for us. She is very approachable and explains all aspects of the treatment in great detail and always makes sure we are understanding. She is always there to help when we need. I would absolutely recommend the course to others.

I loved that we got to go through the procedures and watch a full demo of the lash lift before trying it ourselves. I thought it was great how we had a lovely trainer like Teigan there to help guide us through the process as we were doing it. Was an excellent way to learn!

This course has helped me understand more about lash lifting and how it works. It has helped me learn the techniques used when performing the service and ways to make it effective for each individual client. It has helped me in what needs to be discussed with clients and ways to explain it to them in a professional and kind manner.

This course has been a great way to boost my knowledge and confidence in lash lift and tinting. I am very happy with all the help I have received. I just wanted to thank my trainer Teigan Hopkins. She has helped me along the way and really made me feel acknowledged and always willing to help me whenever I needed. She is very knowledgeable in this industry and answered all my questions and concerns. I am very grateful to receive all of Teigan’s help. She goes above and beyond to help her students and is an excellent teacher and I feel very lucky to have her as my trainer and I couldn’t be happier with my experience

Kristie Carey

I found the content delivered in the Lash Lift course was very thorough. Anieka was so helpful. as I am an experienced lash lifting tech, Anieka was able to adjust/advance her explanations for me and push my technique to better my skills. I loved being able to watch the technique being demonstrated before doing it ourselves. This course has really brought focus to my technique and refined them which has improved the consistency of my lifts. I would absolutely recommend this course to others. I’ve also been really impressed with the after training support I’ve received from Anieka, that’s been so invaluable for me 🙂

Melissa Jones

The course was very informative and thorough. Our trainer Anieka was very helpful, patient, and understanding. I enjoyed the practical side but also being able to watch other students do the treatment on their live models. I guess that’s a result of having only 3 people in a class. I felt like I learned even more by just watching another student. This course has helped me gain a better understanding of lash lifting and why you really need to be properly trained in the particular brand you are working with. I would absolutely recommend this course to others.

Jessica Pattison

This lash lift course was so helpful and my trainer Anieka was so knowledgeable, I feel very confident in performing a lash lift once finishing this training program. Anieka was very supportive and helpful and this course has helped me to expand my services in my business.

Brandy Peiffer

The Classic Lash Extensions class was very informative and hands on. I learnt everything I hoped to and more. I loved having so much time in prac. Anieka did a great job, she was very helpful and polite. Overall, the class was great, easy to understand and heaps of prac.

Natasha Chapman

I enjoyed learning about the application of lash extensions and everything involved in the treatment. I felt the content delivered was great and Anieka answered all of the questions I had. Anieka was amazing! I would recommend this class to others because it was beyond helpful and you will not be disappointed.

Haylie Eason

Personally, I thought Teigan was an exceptional trainer. I have been a makeup artist ams spfx for over 25years for film, tvc’s and fashion. I also have been a trainer and assessor for approx 15 years for makeup. I am a fully qualified aesthetician and have done many workshops and courses in my time. I highly recommend Teigan as a trainer and her dedication and commitment to Elleebana as a company. Thank you Teigan for your excellent training!

Trish TF Makeup

I have been using Elleebana One Shot Lash Lift for over 12 months now whilst I was getting great results I wanted to perfect my lash lifts and learn from the best. I booked in for my training and was so lucky to have the beautiful Teigan as my trainer WOW she was amazing, she showed such passion for the product and Elleebana. Teigan was so knowledgeable and she answered all of my questions and gave me so many tips to help me perfect my lash lifts. Elleebana has great support & customer service for their students and users of their product. I have contacted them a couple of times with troubleshooting questions and they have replied and answered my questions straight away. Thank you Teigan for an awesome day of Training!!!!!!

Suzanne McIntyre

I loved that we could actually engage in the class so well and everybody was involved and could have a laugh together. I loved that it was so much fun learning even though I was nervous. Also the trainer was very helpful when I was having a difficulty applying Henna brows. Gave me lots of advice and very supportive. Teigan was helpful and informative. I was able to add this to my business services after the course which helped me gain more clientele.

Doyoung Kim

I drive all the way to the Gold Coast from Brisbane because Anieka is the only person I trust with my brows and lashes. Amazing every time x

Hailee Florence

The delivery was very clear and professional and Anieka was amazing. I loved being able to learn so much about lash extensions and the procedure and being able to do a live model first day in. The clear teaching was helpful to be able to jump in and do lashes straight away and gave me confidence. Thank you for such an amazing day of training!

Ebonie Gillard

I feel the content delivered by Anieka was very precise and a high level. She took the time to show us the good techniques, answered the questions and reformulate many times to make sure we understood each step of the procedure. This course definitely helped me to adopt the good techniques and habits to conduct a successful lash lift procedure on a client, not to mention the quality of the training and the products used.  I have already recommended this course to others. I would like to personally thank Anieka and Teigan for welcoming us as a family in the Elleebana HQ in Burleigh. I felt privileged to be part of this Lash Lift training journey. They delivered their passion by providing us with many tips and are really approachable during and after the training and they support you for any question you have. I found it was an intense but very easy-going training day by the good vibes both girls showed. I am glad I choose Elleebana training as they deliver a very high-quality training and their products are the best on the market. Thanks girls, I wish you all the very best!

Amandine Barrois

Thank you Nikkie for the package! I thoroughly enjoyed the lash course –  Amy was fantastic. I’m so glad I’ve finally done the course and got an awesome trainer as well! I didn’t want her leave, I wanted the training to continue as she was so great and I loved it!  So informative and Amy’s continued support and help has being nothing short of amazing. As well as yourself… thank you so much… I wish there was more courses I could do! Thank you for all help.  Thank you so much.. I’m so glad I picked Elleebana xxxx

Julie Bonacci

I did the Elleebana Lash Lift course with the lovely Amy. I was very nervous but Amy was very patient and very easy to follow and thorough with her instructions. I would highly recommend Amy to my friends in the beauty industry.

Sandra Darling

I just want to say a massive thank you for our wonderful lash lift class last week. Alongside opening my new home salon this year, I’m also studying my TAE at the moment to become a beauty trainer down the track, so not only did you teach me how to do a lash lift, but you also unknowingly taught me some teaching techniques too!

Vanessa Browning

I felt Anieka and Teigan have lots of experience. They made me feel comfortable to ask any questions and were very encouraging. The training book is really helpful when I need to look back on details. Overall the day is well planned and covers all areas efficiently. The practical training was what I loved most. Great set up, fantastic products, tools etc. Lots of information about safety and general good advice when treating clients. After completing the course, I felt that I was ready to start practicing and am excited to get started on my journey.

Akiyo Kleeman

I felt very confident in the information Anieka provided on the day and I love that I can always refer to the manual or reach out to Anieka for any advice I need after the training. Thank you so much Anieka and Elleebana for the amazing day!

Dimity Little

I wanted to say a big thank you for the training session you ran today. The fact that you were going to run it with only Delani in the class is amazing! I was lucky to be able to be a model for her today and honestly, it was amazing, I love my lashes, and I glad she chose your company to go through. The trainer that was running the session was so professional and you could tell she knew her stuff, but also super friendly. The facility was lovely and the beds very comfy!

The whole experience from booking Delani into getting my lashes done was so smooth and everyone I spoke to was very friendly. I would recommend you guys to anyone!

Tahlia Drummond

So on the 6th of Feb I completed my last lash lift model and while I was waiting for surgery I submitted my final case studies with Elleebana. Yes, the day before I went into surgery I completed the last model 😂 I was determined to get these models finished and I am so proud that I actually achieved this. Thank you Jessica & the Elleebana family for all your patience/ help and making this possible for me. I am super excited to announce that I am now qualified to do Lash Lifts + Tint through Elleebana & have been welcomed into their lash family! 🥰 I am beyond excited for this next chapter of my life and what it may bring. Next up is to finish off my nail technician qualification. Please never let anything stop you from achieving your dreams. Anything is truly possible to achieve. “she believed she could so she did.

Maddi Berry

I attended the Elleebana one shot lash lift course in July 2019 and my overall experience was very positive.

I was lucky enough to have Teigan as a trainer. She was really good at making me feel at ease on the day and most importantly always ready to repeat for me, explain and answer questions when needed. The thing I loved most about my experience with Elleebana and Teigan in particular, is communication after the day of the course. Teigan was always reachable and super helpful especially towards the submission of my case studies. I could always count on her for advice and tips. This is what I call a professional behavior and this made the difference for me.

I would recommend Elleebana to anyone!

Sheila Carlocchia

I first enrolled in my lash lift course of January 2019, I wasn’t sure what my expectations would be! When I entered the class, Teigan introduced herself and instantly I felt relaxed, she was well spoken, well presented and it Was all looking very professional.

Throughout the course Teigan  explained everything In detail and left no stone un turned if you had a question she was quick to answer it or demonstrate it. I left feeling confident with the skills she had taught me, I was so impressed I ended up enrolling in the lash extension course 6 months later as soon as I seen Teigan also was the trainer for that! And again she exceeded my expectations again.

I took everything she said and put it to practice and on the odd occasion if I wasn’t sure after completing the course i would send an email with my enquires and she answered them thoroughly.  I believe the On going support Ellebana provide is really important when your skills are new or even if you have been doing it awhile it doesn’t hurt to ask if you’re unsure instead of guessing and letting the client pay the price. You can always learn something.

I feel Elleebana have really picked the best trainers for the job and I’m so glad I chose them to do my courses through.

My business has continued to grow and I believe alot that comes down to how I was trained and what information was provided! Not once have I doubted my abilities, practice makes perfect right?

Thanks Teigan you are amazing at what you do!


Pip Perry
From the moment I walked into the class and met Jess I knew I was in good hands, it was a privilege to be taught how to lash by her. She is so patient and helpful and her drive inspired me to want to become better. The best thing about her is the fact that after the course is she is always available for help.
Thanks for everything!
– Alannah Makhlouf

Overall I found the training a very informative and fun experience. I felt confident to perform the treatment during the practical component of training and Amy was very patient and supportive during my whole experience.

Now I’m performing Lash Lifts & Tints on a regular basis from my home studio and my clients cannot get enough of them! They love how fast processing time is and how long lasting the results are. My experience with Elleebana was amazing and I’ll defiantly be back to learn more treatments with them.

– Felicia from Studio Glow Melbourne

In 2019 I attended an elleebana one shot lash lift course we were lucky to have Jess for the day as our trainer.
I couldn’t fault the training with Jess she was really happy to explain again to myself and help me out where needed when I was struggling.
I have not felt at ease in a course like that before, I would highly recommend elleebana to anyone from the training right through to products and the ongoing support.

– Natalie Dunning

I can’t thank Jess and Elleebana enough for my Classic Lash Refresher training. I left my initial training (with another company) not feeling confident or happy with what I had learnt in my four hour course.
I can’t believe how one day of this training has impacted my lash career. I now use the skills I learnt, with every single lash application I provide.
Not only did I receive high quality training from Jess but Elleebana were able to organise the training so I was able to complete this course in Tasmania, which I am extremely grateful for.
Jess went above and beyond with providing one on one training and also provides me with ongoing support to this day. Jess is understanding and she worked hard to get me where I am today. She is an excellent trainer and she really knows this industry inside out. I am looking forward to learning more from Jess.

– Jessie Smith

Otto is one of those people you can’t get enough of!! His positivity is contagious, his knowledge empowering and this is what makes him the perfect mentor. I’ve had the pleasure to work with Otto over 5 years now and his professionalism hasn’t stopped to amaze me, I can see it shine through his whole Team and together they provide industry’s most caring customer service. Otto’s philosophy is simple – treat everyone like family and he really means everyone – I see it from customer, student, Instructor and distributor level.

There’s no question if Otto is a perfect example of a leader, the question is, where does he find the inspiration? I see him being excited by providing beat possible service and excel his product range and this is what has been the driving force to upmost amazingness.

Kintija Belska
Director - Everlasting Brows

Otto is a man who demonstrates high integrity. Not only is he passionate about the products he creates, he genuinely cares about the people using them and wants them to succeed to their highest potential. Otto has created an outstanding training program that is world renowned – benefiting many professionals, myself included. I have personally grown in my career with the help and constant support of Otto. He builds confidence, leadership and gives you all the tools needed for success. He continues to be an incredible mentor and I am honoured to call him my friend.

Shelby Jones
Master Trainer - Elleebana USA

I have been using Elleebana products since 2016 and I love them all as they are consistently reliable. The quick processing time of the One Shot Lash Lift delivers a perfect curl. The range of tints & lash extensions allows me to create  glamorous thick lashes and perfect brows leaving my clients feeling beautiful. Elleebana products simply enhances the client’s natural beauty!

I have completed various Lash Lift and Brow training sessions and all have been exceptional. The trainer, Adrianna, is highly professional and skilled at all things brows and lashes and is highly generous with sharing her knowledge.

Elleebana has without a doubt been a huge contributor to the success of my salon!

Jennifer Williams
On Fleek Brows & Lashes

Zoe and Otto you both don’t get the recognition you deserve for the love and passion you put in. I remember four years ago, roughly, I would always get immediate texts or emails from Otto or a phone call about the simplest questions and nothing was ever a problem. He would talk me through my teething problems I was having. I felt very important and that every little detail was cared about. I won’t ever forget that. You two make a terrific team.

Janey Chapman
Owner - Marcoola Advanced Skin & Body Treatments

Sami is a bubbly trainer who gave honest and personalised feedback. It felt like nothing was too much trouble.

Monique Van Laar

Sami provided very comprehensive training. It was a great course – it was enjoyable and I feel confident in the processes I’ve learnt.

Louise Johnson

I loved how friendly and welcoming my trainer was. She made me feel comfortable to ask any questions and was very assertive when delivering instructions. No aspects identified that needed improving on

Adelaide Toohey

The practical part of training was the most exciting and seeing the end result. Amy was extremely helpful throughout. Nothing needed improvement. Our trainer was incredible.

Remi Ryan

Amy did a really good job with our training, we had a good rapport with her and felt comfortable to ask anything. I loved the practical. Everything was covered fairly well I think. I’ve had contact with the trainers since the course with follow up questions

Emma Pucci

I loved the one on one training and how Amy took the time to make sure I was confident and that I did a good job! It was an amazing training, Amy did a great job and made me feel confident when leaving. She was very friendly which made it very enjoyable.

Riley Waldron

Jess was amazing ! I loved that she came and assisted me when I needed it ! If I was to come back for training I would ask for Jess !


Melissa Powyer

I couldn’t be happier with Jess as my trainer and would highly recommend her. I thoroughly enjoyed my Henna brow training day and felt Jess covered all aspects involved. She answered all questions in-depth and was a fabulous trainer. Jess was very professional, friendly and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend this course.    I have my fingers crossed that she will bring her volume lash training to regional NSW in the near future as I would love to train with Jess again but currently don’t have the time to travel as far as Victoria.

Sarah King
Sarah King - NSW

Otto and Zoe Mitter are the most empowering, contagious positive honest caring couple I have ever had to work with. I have had the pleasure to work with Otto and Zoe for over 5 years now and not only they provide the best education and knowledge of product but there customer service is above anything I have ever experienced. Otto and Zoe are like family to Maria and myself. They never stop innovating and to see how much time, pride and passion they put into what they’re doing is just pure inspiration for people working with this amazing extraordinaire brand. Well done to our Otto and Zoe.

Nadine Caouette
Director - Lov Cosmetik

I had always idolised Otto and what he had created at Elleebana. I had seen him speak at conferences and even met him at person. In 2017 I attended a conference where Otto was speaking and somehow I ended up with a Master Trainers position with Elleebana, a true dream come true for me. Otto has continued to inspire and mentor me throughout my journey at Elleebana and I have seen first hand why Elleebana and their workshops are sought after and so successful. You truly feel valued, important and a part of the Elleebana family. The trainers are encouraged to grow and develop beyond their wildest dreams. The company genuinely wants the best for their students and all of the employees go above and beyond to ensure they have the best possible experience. Thank you Otto for making me the best version of myself!

Jessica Eaton
Master Trainer - Elleebana

I would like to express my undying love for Elleebana! It all began with the amazing Anh who started as a friend and became my Lash Mentor and Guru in 2017. I had my lashes done by her about 2 years ago and absolutely loved them. (I was not a lash stylist then) then approached her and said that I’d love for her to train me.She took me under her wing and showed me the ropes and made me feel that I could approach her anywhere, any day and anytime she also had so much great feedback to say about the Brand and to hear that she has spoken first hand to Zoe and Otto Mitter and was in regular contact with them made it feel as though I was apart of a close knit family. I have been working on perfecting my Classic Lashes using all Elleebana products and have just recently approached Anh about beginning Lash Lifts and Volume lashes with Elleebana!! I have been following her Elleebana journey and absolutely believe in the product and their vision for the future in the Lash industry!

Kim Dong

I am ELLEEBANA obsessed.. We use all of your products in our salon from lash lifting, lash extensions and brow henna and we love everything about it.. Your company is so easy to deal with, everyone is so helpful and I just love the results we get from your products..

Your trainers are amazing. So helpful and have made my team perfectionists when it comes to lashes which I thank you for.

Alicia Rapa
Alicia's Beauty Room

Training with Elleebana and my trainer Jessica Eaton was so well structured. I felt supported, informed and left confident using the products and delivering the service to my clients. It’s added value to my business and has given me the drive to take my business to new heights. The training has provided me with a wealth of knowledge which I feel has moulded me into a better lash artist. Elleebana is the ultimate enhancement to not only my services but for my clients too, it’s consistent results and ease of application leave my clients walking away feeling beautiful and feeling the lash love.

Laila Dekker

I find that Elleebana is not just a professional brand but a brand that treats everyone like family and is always there to lend a helping hand.

I am only a very new small start up business but training with Elleebana has given me the confidence and knowledge i now can use and pass on to my clients.

I want to master each service and knowing I can get a lot of different services through your company gives me ease.

Since completing my course through Elleebana I now am confident each and every one of my clients are getting the best service and knowledge they can get.

Cheryl Maitland

I would like to thank you for introducing me to the Elleebana Lash Lift. I found the training day with Caitlin at SA Beauty Supplies, excellent and informative and a great way to learn some new skills. The student manual that we were able to take home was thorough and a good resource to review prior to performing the treatments. All of my models and clients have been thrilled with the results of the One Shot Lash Lift and it is proving a great add on the my other treatments.

Carolyn Della-Zoppa
Proskin Clinic

After my first course I felt inspired and hungry to achieve more!
I was focused on wanting to not only grow my business but wanting to grow a great reputation amongst industry peers and clients!

The standard of your training is to be commended you are lifting the standards of the entire industry it’s amazing to not only watch but know I’m offering only the best to my clients!

The passion of your educators is a true credit to your company showing they have the upmost respect and admiration for Elleebana. The team has a contagious family vibe that you can’t help but want to be a part of.

Thank you for allowing us all to follow your very inspiring journey!
Thank you for allowing us to be a part of that journey!

Kirsty Burdon

I live and breath for the lash lift. I would never use anything but Elleebana EVER!  I adore your products and the results that they bring.  They not only deliver successful results, but my clients leave feeling lifted themselves after having an Elleebana Lash Lift.

Jacqueline Carrier
Jac's Beauty Spot

My lash lift class blew my mind and I got so excited that I booked in for henna brows a week later. Both trainings were amazing. Teigan was amazing, I felt amazing and most importantly my clients feel amazing with their results. I love the products as they achieve great and especially quick results. They are actually life changing for some people. With a great team and providing excellent training options and facilities you created something big and I hope to continue the journey with you.

Julia Blume

I love Ellebanna training as it has literally changed my life.  For years I “talked” about what I would do if I had my time again, I always said brows and lashes.  Ellebanna training has given me my time again.  It has given me the confidence to take the leap into a whole new industry and actually feel that I know what I am doing.  I researched many courses and always came back to the Ellebanna training.  I can fully answer questions from clients and I know if I don’t know then the trainers are always on hand for advice.  Not only that reputation precedes itself I love to say to people when they asked where I trained, “oh direct with Ellebanna”, and they just smile with confidence that they are in good hands with me.  I can’t wait to learn more with you.​

Sadie Louise Rainford

It was important to me to train with a reputable worldwide known brand, so when I had the opportunity to attend Elleebana Lash Lift training at Salon First with Amy in November 2015, I grabbed it with both hands and even convinced another beautician to come with me!!!  It was the best decision we made for both our businesses.

Nearly 3 yrs on, I am still receiving continued support via a network of Elleebana professionals where no question is too silly and I am treated with respect and courtesy.  The time, love, passion and innovation that goes into the Elleebana products shows through in quality “easy to use” product and beautiful branding.

As a Lash Artist, It is important to me to have this service as an alternative for my clients who cannot wear lash extensions and that is 100% safe, AND they love it as much as I do.

Valmae Hicks
Lashd on Fairway

Teigan explained every step of the course thoroughly, she also watched carefully when we were demonstrating on our models and gave us direction. She made us all feel warm and welcome. Teigan was friendly, bubbly and caring – she is a great teacher and I left feeling very confident in lash lifts. Great course, amazing teacher I would highly recommend to anyone!

Martina Sill

I loved how approachable our trainer was, and patient with our questions when we didn’t quite catch on to things.

Katie Smith

I loved how relaxed the learning environment was and how easy Teigan explained things

Alicia Davies

What an incredible, informative and hands-on short course I was apart of today.
My trainer’s true words of wisdom and expertise was highlighted in both her quality demonstration and caring constructive feedback.
I can honestly not speak more highly of the training/ teacher and fantastic product. After using other brands, with a completely unbiased opinion, I am now pleased to be converted to Elleebana and Belmacil (highly recommend).
Sincerely, very happy Student and now Certified Lash Lifter!


Brooke Mizzi
Bare Beauty by Brooke

I took the Elleebana lash extension and lash lift training last year at National Salon Supplies in Norwood SA. The trainer was excellent and she provided us with all the information we needed. I love that they’re an Australian company and if I need to contact them for any reason they’re just a phone call away. Their products are at the highest quality and the lash lift solutions create the most amazing results. I’m so lucky and happy to have I chosen this company to do my training through and be able to use their amazing products.

Emma Graves
Lashes by Emma

Elleebana is a world class product brand. It was the only product of choice for me after doing a very thorough research into what is available on the market. It ticks all the boxes.. QUALITY being number one choice for me, EASY and super QUICK to use, perfect TOOLS for using during the treatment, and most importantly the RESULTS are more than perfect every time.

Thank you very much Elleebana, one very happy artist here!

Dragana Scekic

I am new to the beauty industry and over the last six months I have experienced all sorts of training. I am pleased to say that Elleebana’s Lash Lift Course and Elleebana’s Henna Brow course have been by far the best! Not only have I received on going support from the team at Elleebana – I definitely feel as if I am part of a family. The products are amazing and so are the results which leaves my clients feeling over the moon when they leave my home salon. I have never been so confident in a workplace but I am now due to the high standards of training I have received and the ongoing support and the amazing products have also contributed greatly! The products are amazing and have even helped my most sensitive clients look and feel beautiful! So thank you Elleebana!

Jessie Smith

Elleebana provided comprehensive Eyelash Extension Training & the follow up support & mentorship has been 2nd to none.

Kirsty Burgoyne
Kirsty's Beauty Spot

I really love the Elleebana range of products. Unfortunately, I am unable to have lash extensions due to severe allergies so having the alternative of the lift and tint is amazing. I personally use the Elleevate mascara daily which makes it super easy for me to up sell to clients when I truly believe in the product myself. After trying numerous brands the Elleebana procedure and products are definitely the quickest and easiest to comprehend making it easy even for the new comers in the lash industry. Basically Elleebana is hands down the best in the biz! They know their stuff and the amazing products speak for themselves.

Tamika Tran
TRANsformed Lashes and Beauty

Jess our trainer was so down to earth and an absolute realist in the way that she interpreted the Elleebana Brow Henna training. We laughed a lot, learnt a lot and put our training into practice with two models each. During the assessment, Jess popped in and out of the two training rooms offering us all one on one support and gave us tips/advice on how to better our newly found skills and make the most of our product. In hindsight, I couldn’t fault anything, I had the absolute best day and I am now offering Elleebana Brow Henna Services in my workplace. (And my clients are very impressed with their new brows !)

Anna Tulloch

I love my training with Elleebana. The lash lift process is so much faster than the other formulas I have tried.  I can fit more lash lift treatments in my day! My clients love the result of looking wide awake!  The mascara is AMAZING.  I have repeat clients and sales thanks to you!

Krysia West
Skindeep Medi-Spas Floreat

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the Brow Henna training at the Gordon TAFE and a big thanks to Jess our wonderful trainer on the day. I am looking forward to working with Elleebana Brow Henna in the salon and also doing the Lash Lift course next week!

N.Stephens Hair & Co

My trainer Caitlin was incredibly polite, friendly and very professional. She was extremely knowledgeable, accommodating and closely managed us throughout the whole course, especially while we were working on our models. This was important to me as I wanted to achieve the best results with my client’s lashes. I felt I got so much knowledge and information out of this course.
I was extremely happy with the kit I received and I am excited to start using my products.
I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone and I am interested in doing further training with Elleebana as Caitlin introduced me to the other amazing products in the Elleebana range.
I feel confident that Elleebana will continue to give me the assistance and support I need throughout my Lash Lifting journey.

Kylie Taylor
KT Beauty Studio

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