Mindy Lam
Mindy Lam

My name is Mindy and I have been immersed in the lash industry for over six years. My background prior to the beauty industry has included everything from inside and outside sales to telecommunications, customer service, business development leadership, real estate, and education coordination. I was brought into the world of aesthetics in an effort to avoid yet another corporate layoff, and to gain control of my own future.

I immediately was drawn to the art and technicality of lash extensions and became certified very quickly. I worked for nearly four years out of my basement studio, and then opened a small commercial lash studio, hired my first staff, and opened a single-station satellite location a year later. Early on I became very frustrated about the lack of reliable resources and vague lash training in the industry.

I was brought in by an aesthetics school to teach a 2-day lash education program to students to give them real-life experience and dive into the vast theory of lash extensions. Nearly 4 years later I am now lecturing at schools in multiple states and will be working towards accreditation for my comprehensive lash manual with NALA in 2020. I stand now as the only accredited lash artist with NALA in the state of Illinois and was nominated for the NALA Health & Safety Award in 2019. The lash artistry fascinates me, but the technicality and theory are a dedicated passion!

My intention is to help as many new lash artists as possible learn to apply lashes while keeping the client’s and their own health and safety at the forefront.

Elleebana Certified Trainer Lash Extensions Certificate Number: LE16341