Teigan Hopkins
Teigan Hopkins
Elleebana Master Trainer

Teigan began her entrepreneurial career by starting her own business in the food industry and while she enjoyed the challenges of owning her own business, something was drawing her to the world of beauty. Teigan decided to take the plunge and has never looked back since commencing study within the beauty industry.

Teigan’s thirst for knowledge saw her complete many beauty courses, igniting her passion and building her skill set. Teigan joined the team at a highly successful Lash and Brow bar and before long climbed the ranks to salon manager. As the years passed, Teigan felt driven to apply her salon knowledge and skills into becoming an educator specialising in the world of lash and brow. Teigan saw a position open with the team at Elleebana HQ and jumped at the chance to apply her skills and follow her dreams.

Based at the Elleebana HQ, Teigan is 3 times lash certified with international masters, Certified IV Trainer and Assessor, Blue Card holder (working with children approved). Teigan works closely alongside Otto Mitter as his assistant with research and product development and has been personally trained by the lash master himself. Teigan has been a Guest educator and presenter both Internationally and Australia-wide and continues regular ongoing education to stay up to date with the latest industry developments.

Teigan holds nationally recognised qualifications in:

  • SHBBMUP001 Apply Eyelash Extensions
  • SHBBFAS001 Provide Lash and Brow Services
  • TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

Elleebana Certified Trainer Lash Lift Certificate Number: LL16309
Elleebana Certified Trainer Lash Extensions Certificate Number: LE16309
Elleebana Certified Trainer Brow Henna Certificate Number: BH16309


Teigan was very helpful. She is so kind and always willing to go above and beyond for us. She is very approachable and explains all aspects of the treatment in great detail and always makes sure we are understanding. She is always there to help when we need. I would absolutely recommend the course to others.

I loved that we got to go through the procedures and watch a full demo of the lash lift before trying it ourselves. I thought it was great how we had a lovely trainer like Teigan there to help guide us through the process as we were doing it. Was an excellent way to learn!

This course has helped me understand more about lash lifting and how it works. It has helped me learn the techniques used when performing the service and ways to make it effective for each individual client. It has helped me in what needs to be discussed with clients and ways to explain it to them in a professional and kind manner.

This course has been a great way to boost my knowledge and confidence in lash lift and tinting. I am very happy with all the help I have received. I just wanted to thank my trainer Teigan Hopkins. She has helped me along the way and really made me feel acknowledged and always willing to help me whenever I needed. She is very knowledgeable in this industry and answered all my questions and concerns. I am very grateful to receive all of Teigan’s help. She goes above and beyond to help her students and is an excellent teacher and I feel very lucky to have her as my trainer and I couldn’t be happier with my experience

Kristie Carey

Personally, I thought Teigan was an exceptional trainer. I have been a makeup artist ams spfx for over 25years for film, tvc’s and fashion. I also have been a trainer and assessor for approx 15 years for makeup. I am a fully qualified aesthetician and have done many workshops and courses in my time. I highly recommend Teigan as a trainer and her dedication and commitment to Elleebana as a company. Thank you Teigan for your excellent training!

Trish TF Makeup

I have been using Elleebana One Shot Lash Lift for over 12 months now whilst I was getting great results I wanted to perfect my lash lifts and learn from the best. I booked in for my training and was so lucky to have the beautiful Teigan as my trainer WOW she was amazing, she showed such passion for the product and Elleebana. Teigan was so knowledgeable and she answered all of my questions and gave me so many tips to help me perfect my lash lifts. Elleebana has great support & customer service for their students and users of their product. I have contacted them a couple of times with troubleshooting questions and they have replied and answered my questions straight away. Thank you Teigan for an awesome day of Training!!!!!!

Suzanne McIntyre

I loved that we could actually engage in the class so well and everybody was involved and could have a laugh together. I loved that it was so much fun learning even though I was nervous. Also the trainer was very helpful when I was having a difficulty applying Henna brows. Gave me lots of advice and very supportive. Teigan was helpful and informative. I was able to add this to my business services after the course which helped me gain more clientele.

Doyoung Kim

I feel the content delivered by Anieka was very precise and a high level. She took the time to show us the good techniques, answered the questions and reformulate many times to make sure we understood each step of the procedure. This course definitely helped me to adopt the good techniques and habits to conduct a successful lash lift procedure on a client, not to mention the quality of the training and the products used.  I have already recommended this course to others. I would like to personally thank Anieka and Teigan for welcoming us as a family in the Elleebana HQ in Burleigh. I felt privileged to be part of this Lash Lift training journey. They delivered their passion by providing us with many tips and are really approachable during and after the training and they support you for any question you have. I found it was an intense but very easy-going training day by the good vibes both girls showed. I am glad I choose Elleebana training as they deliver a very high-quality training and their products are the best on the market. Thanks girls, I wish you all the very best!

Amandine Barrois

I felt Anieka and Teigan have lots of experience. They made me feel comfortable to ask any questions and were very encouraging. The training book is really helpful when I need to look back on details. Overall the day is well planned and covers all areas efficiently. The practical training was what I loved most. Great set up, fantastic products, tools etc. Lots of information about safety and general good advice when treating clients. After completing the course, I felt that I was ready to start practicing and am excited to get started on my journey.

Akiyo Kleeman

I wanted to say a big thank you for the training session you ran today. The fact that you were going to run it with only Delani in the class is amazing! I was lucky to be able to be a model for her today and honestly, it was amazing, I love my lashes, and I glad she chose your company to go through. The trainer that was running the session was so professional and you could tell she knew her stuff, but also super friendly. The facility was lovely and the beds very comfy!

The whole experience from booking Delani into getting my lashes done was so smooth and everyone I spoke to was very friendly. I would recommend you guys to anyone!

Tahlia Drummond

I attended the Elleebana one shot lash lift course in July 2019 and my overall experience was very positive.

I was lucky enough to have Teigan as a trainer. She was really good at making me feel at ease on the day and most importantly always ready to repeat for me, explain and answer questions when needed. The thing I loved most about my experience with Elleebana and Teigan in particular, is communication after the day of the course. Teigan was always reachable and super helpful especially towards the submission of my case studies. I could always count on her for advice and tips. This is what I call a professional behavior and this made the difference for me.

I would recommend Elleebana to anyone!

Sheila Carlocchia

I first enrolled in my lash lift course of January 2019, I wasn’t sure what my expectations would be! When I entered the class, Teigan introduced herself and instantly I felt relaxed, she was well spoken, well presented and it Was all looking very professional.

Throughout the course Teigan  explained everything In detail and left no stone un turned if you had a question she was quick to answer it or demonstrate it. I left feeling confident with the skills she had taught me, I was so impressed I ended up enrolling in the lash extension course 6 months later as soon as I seen Teigan also was the trainer for that! And again she exceeded my expectations again.

I took everything she said and put it to practice and on the odd occasion if I wasn’t sure after completing the course i would send an email with my enquires and she answered them thoroughly.  I believe the On going support Ellebana provide is really important when your skills are new or even if you have been doing it awhile it doesn’t hurt to ask if you’re unsure instead of guessing and letting the client pay the price. You can always learn something.

I feel Elleebana have really picked the best trainers for the job and I’m so glad I chose them to do my courses through.

My business has continued to grow and I believe alot that comes down to how I was trained and what information was provided! Not once have I doubted my abilities, practice makes perfect right?

Thanks Teigan you are amazing at what you do!


Pip Perry

Teigan, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your help and support you truly have been an amazing mentor Elleebana is lucky to have and so was I as a student.

I’m sure we will be seeing each other in the future as I’ll be doing more training with you guys.

Renae Blair

I loved how relaxed the learning environment was and how easy Teigan explained things

Alicia Davies

I loved how approachable our trainer was, and patient with our questions when we didn’t quite catch on to things.

Katie Smith

Teigan explained every step of the course thoroughly, she also watched carefully when we were demonstrating on our models and gave us direction. She made us all feel warm and welcome. Teigan was friendly, bubbly and caring – she is a great teacher and I left feeling very confident in lash lifts. Great course, amazing teacher I would highly recommend to anyone!

Martina Sill