To Our Global Elleebana Family

To Our Global Elleebana Family

It’s a special moment in time for us here at Elleebana – The delight we feel in sharing this world first with you all is more than you will ever know.

Last year we celebrated 25 years in the Lash and Brow world, though last year was a difficult time for everyone and an even harder time to be creative or push the boundaries.

We have come into 2021 with a fresh set of eyes and enthusiasm for doing things a little differently and since it appears Australia’s borders won’t allow us to travel the globe and share Elleebana with the world, it’s time for something different.

We are inviting our training and distribution teams to partake in a Worldwide Awards – The Elleebana Excellence Awards. This moment in time is about honoring all of those around us and with us through this incredible journey. We work hard to acknowledge the achievements and triumphs of our team and love to share with the world our wins, however this initiative is about providing an opportunity to our network to also be celebrated.

We have devised a series of awards categories to celebrate both individual, academic and promotional excellence, all centered around our driving culture of Innovation In Products and Excellence In Service.

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Elleebana is a finalist at the ABIA!

Elleebana is a finalist at the ABIA!

As the beauty industry faces more challenging times with lockdowns and continued uncertainty it has never been more important to champion the best in the business around the country. Launched in 2012 by esteemed trade visionaries Mocha Group, the Australian Beauty Industry Awards (ABIA’s), combined with the Australian Make-up Artist Awards (AMIA’s), are the trusted national award platforms which provide a benchmark of excellence across both specialist and individual categories across beauty, aesthetics and make-up expertise.

Winners are due to be announced on 29th August at The Star, Sydney at the hotly anticipated gala awards event which will be a welcomed chance to celebrate. After steady awards growth year on year, 2021 entries were up by a phenomenal 30% with many categories receiving record numbers. This year also sees the addition of the Sole Operator of the Year and Educator of the Year- Product/Equipment Company categories to reflect the current market.

Mocha’s Owner/Publisher Linda Woodhead understands the pressure these creative entrepreneurs are facing and believes it’s time to shine a bright light on these stand-outs;

“Both the beauty and make-up artist industries are incredibly resilient and made up of some of the most hard-working individuals and teams you could ever meet. We hope that their local communities will support them through these difficult times and acknowledge the work that has gone in to seeing them recognised as Australia’s best on a global scale.”

The awards were sponsored by some of the biggest brands including Dermalogica, FACEBYR, Inskin Cosmedics, DermapenWorld, Dermaviduals, Dermaplaning Australia, Shortcuts, Beauty Biz, Salon Lane, Biodroga, Kitomba, Prologic, ReflectoCil, Naked Tan, Exceed Microneedling, Gary Wardle Education, The Zing Project, Private Label Dynamics, Sustainable Salons, Professional Beauty Solutions, Elleebana, Comfortel and The Global Beauty Group. Finalists were judged by a comprehensive list of over 30 local and international make-up artists, stylists, business, media and industry expert judges across the two award platforms included Rae Morris, Becca Gilmartin, Charles Marcus, Alexandra Bilisi, Faye Murray, Julie Cross, Clare Lamberth and Narelle Lancaster.

Tickets for the gala awards night are now on sale at

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Elleebana 60K Followers Giveaway

Elleebana 60K Followers Giveaway

🏆SIX WINNERS will receive our ELLEEPLEX PROFUSION Lash and Brow Lamination Kit (valued at $209)


🏆ONE WINNER will WIN our ONLINE Elleeplex Profusion Lash and Brow Lamination COMBO course (valued at $770)


🤳 We are almost at 60K FOLLOWERS and what better way to celebrate this than with a GIVEAWAY, gifting our latest product range and Course?! The WINNERS will be announced ONCE we hit 60K Followers!


⚡ HELP us get there so we can help you SLAY your beauty goals, creating lash and brow lamination history!



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👉 Our Giveaway will accept worldwide entries.

👉 Enter as many times as you like.

👉 This giveaway is not sponsored, administered, or associated with Instagram Inc.


Good Luck ✨

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Calling All Elleebana Artists

Calling All Elleebana Artists

Our question to you is: Are Your Lash and Brow Skills Fit For Royalty?

We are so excited for Otto Mitter to judge this incredible event.  Have you got what it takes to be part of this too?!

👉Are you a passionate Lash and or Brow artist? You could have a chance of being crowned the next champion‼

👉This Fantastic opportunity is your chance to show the world that you’re the master of what you do by taking part in the Kingdom Beauty Crown Championship!

👉 Showcase your craft and skill to win some incredible prizes!

📣Are you ready to make your mark?

👉You can enter a specific category that suits your skills, allowing you to compete in your strongest area.

🏆If you’re crowned the WINNER – You’ll not only score major bragging rights, But you’ll also be able to win prizes worth over £10,000‼‼

🤳Want to find out more information?


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Another win for Elleebana!

Another win for Elleebana!

We are so honoured to be recognised as the WINNER for Innovative Product!

Before a new Elleebana product is born into the spotlight for the world to love, years of many behind the scene trials and research is adopted. Here at Elleebana, Otto Mitter brings high-class innovation to life with the Elleebana range!

The Nala awards bring together the industries elite from all over the globe. With so many fantastic entries in each category, it is extraordinary to have Otto’s hard work and dedication to the industry and innovative product product development recognised on such a global scale.

Congratulations to all the finalists and entrants at this year’s Nala Awards and a massive thank you to NALA for such an amazing initiative!


We were also finalist in the customer service award and mentorship award. It means a lot to us to be counted amongst the finalists.



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Diet and lash lifts – what you put in matters.

Diet and lash lifts – what you put in matters.

We have talked in the past about the effects that hormones play on hair quality, how hormones can create resistance to lash lifting outcomes and medications, pregnancy and breastfeeding are all matters to consider if dealing with an underwhelming lash lift result.  All who train with Elleebana are educated about how these factors are elements for consideration, but its time we considered our diets as a key factor in the hair porosity, the hair growth cycle and even hair loss, which are all key factors for lash lifting results.

The hair on our heads, bodies, lashes and eyebrows are not considered by our bodies as vital organs or tissue that the body can’t do without and so therefore the body does not prioritise the nutritional needs for our clients lashes or eyebrows. The very thought that our bodies view our lashes to be expendable in nature is concerning to those of us whom make a living out of lashing.  So, it’s time we started a conversation with our clients about their diets, because what they are putting in, can be affecting the services you are performing.

A diet that is lacking in nutrients such as Vitamin A, B vitamins, C, D and E, iron, biotin, proteins, essential fatty acids and zinc or a combination of any of these can see slower hair growth, breakage, and worst-case scenario – hair loss.

It seems contradictory that our hair cells are some of the fastest growing on our bodies, yet our body does not utilise the nutrition that we provide it with to immediately nourish our hair.  Instead, our bodies send the nutrients that we provide it with to other vital organs and tissues first and so it stands to reason that if we are deficient or only just consuming enough nutrients to provide for those vital organs, with no leftovers for our hair then the nutritional imbalances will be evident immediately in our hair and lash health.  When the imbalance continues for prolonged periods, we begin to see weakening, hair breakage or hair loss.

But its not just imbalances swaying in the deficit where we see these concerns, you will also find hair loss when there is an excess or over consumption of vitamins such as vitamin A found in foods like liver and oily fish.  Also altering your diet quickly or experiencing rapid weight loss, especially when moving your diet away from a heavily animal-based diet to a whole-food plant-based diet, can see alterations in hormone levels such as estrogen.

Estrogen plays a strong role in manipulating hair growth and can have an effect on the hair follicle size and hair production function.  This can be short lived and in-fact in some people altering their diet to be more whole-food and plant based can result in shinier and thicker or healthier looking hair due to the increased consumption of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals but the key is ensuring the alteration of diet is resulting in one that is balanced and well rounded and not imbalanced or lacking in vital nutrients or complete proteins.

Complete proteins are essential providers and producers of keratin and since hair is primarily made of keratin, consumption of complete proteins is critical to the health of eyelashes.  Complete proteins are generally animal-based foods such as meat, dairy and eggs which are made up of a perfect science of naturally occurring amino-acids.  These amino-acids are essential to your body to build muscle, repair tissue, support your metabolism and help other processes in your body to function.  Your body is unable to naturally produce these amino-acids and can only benefited from when consuming them.  In-complete proteins are considered to be plant-based proteins such as whole grains, legumes, seeds, nuts, spinach, broccoli and mushrooms.  However, some plant-based foods such as soy, quinoa, buckwheat and algae are complete sources of proteins and have a full amino-acid profiles, thus making a vegan diet still lash friendly as long as these complete sources of protein form part of the diet.

Vitamin deficiencies or imbalanced diets can be a key contributing factor as to why a clients lift worked last time at one processing time but at their next visit the lift over processed when using the same processing time.  You see a hair that is weakening on the inside due to the vitamin deficiencies or poor diet needs to be treated more carefully.

And retrospectively, a client whose diet has dramatically improved, as they have moved away from an unhealthy lifestyle and are consuming more complete protein and balanced vitamin profiles may see that their lashes require longer to process now as their keratin quality has improved.

Covid-19 and changes to everyone lifestyles over the past little while, in so many varied ways saw a dramatic change to people’s lifestyles and diets.  A rise in home cooked meals, instead of dining out or drinking with friends on the weekends, exercise often being one of the few reasons to be outside of your house and a focus on remaining healthy to avoid falling ill to covid can all be elements that may need you to open the lines of communication between yourself and your client about what in their worlds has changed and how you may need to adjust your services accordingly.


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Busting lash lift myths – the underwhelming lift

Busting lash lift myths – the underwhelming lift

One of the most common myths that I see all the time in Facebook groups and from speaking to people at events, exhibitions and in training is “The product doesn’t work”.

Technicians experience having a problem and underwhelming results with a lash lift and the first port of call is generally that the product does not work.

The technician will say “I did a lash lift and the results just weren’t there. It must be the batch, because I have not changed anything in the way that I’m applying”.

This topic is something that has always intrigued me, I have been doing research on this phenomenon and collecting screenshots, data and evidence for many years and I literally have hundreds upon hundreds of people saying that the lash lift did not work on their clients which is happening with multiple brands in the industry. I could literally name 10 brands off the top of my head that I see this happening with.

Why would this be the case?

This happens with a lot of various products in the beauty industry, nail industry, hair industry. I have seen people struggling to have consistent results on a variety of their clients with nail products, adhesives, skin care and hair products.

On the flip side, I have evidence of hundreds of people in forums saying that they have never had an issue with the same product that the technician is having an issue with. Could it really be the case that so many brands have inconsistent production in making such a simple formula?

Permanent wave lotions are not a complex formula to produce. In all honesty when you are making a big batch of product the measurements should be exactly the same every time when producing the batch. If the quantities are not the same when putting together the formula it will of course not perform, or emulsify correctly or be stable. These brands invest millions of dollars into their companies and brands, why would they jeopardise their product by not mixing the batch correctly each time? Brands also have to survive and customer satisfaction is always the top priority. When you buy a bottle of coke or lemonade from certain brands they are always the same right? When you buy shampoo from a certain brand it is usually the same correct? Why would permanent wave lotions be any different? Well, the reality is it’s highly unlikely that the formulas will change, but the variable is the individual. The human body changes throughout our life time and often more than you think. Our hair texture can change a few times a year due to lifestyle and hormonal changes and due to our diet and supplementary intake.

It is important to note that many companies have a very strict policy and production process when they are making products. Stability testing also takes place after a batch is produced to ensure that it works. Literally 50 to 100 applications need to be performed on clients with the microbial stability reports required to come back with an all-clear result, before that batch is released for sale to the market. The chances of a bad batch are extremely low.

You also have to look at the brand and the history of the brand, have they been in business for a long time? If so, then obviously their products work right? Otherwise they wouldn’t be able to maintain customers and have repeat business. No brand can survive if they do not have repeat business.


If YOUR lift is not working then you need to look at these factors:


  1. Has the client’s hair texture changed at all? Have they changed their diet at all? Are they on any particular nutrients or supplements? Are they going through any hormonal changes? Are they using growth serums?


These factors can play a huge role in how the texture changes with eyelashes, it can mean the difference between having to leave a lotion on to process for another minute or two or even reducing the lotion time by a minute or two if their hair texture has become thinner.


  1. Was the lotion placement consistent enough? Was it placed from the base of the lashes to high enough on the lashes? Was it left on long enough for that hair texture? Was the environment warm or cool?


If the lift has been a little underwhelming but there has been some lift, it usually means that they just need to leave the lotion to process for a little longer. Adjust the lotion placement and apply it from the base of the lash to higher up the lash and ensure that the lotion placement is thick and consistent all the way across the lashes. Most brands say it is safe to re-lift the lashes on the same appointment time if required, however you will need to check your brand guidelines if you ever need to make any adjustments for your clients.

Interestingly, COVID has seen an increase in clients using various home-care products and lash growth serums and mascaras. This is something to also consider as it may change the texture of your clients lashes, when they come back to have a treatment they may be more resistant than usual. Resistant lashes are not always thick lashes either, I have worked on plenty of clients over the years that look like they have thin hair texture but the lashes are resistant to permanent wave lotions. It really is a case of readjusting the application and nine times out of ten this is going to resolve the issue.


Otto Mitter is a qualified Cosmetic Chemist, Make Up Artist, and multi award winning educator and assessor in the Beauty Industry and multi certified eyelash extensions educator, competition judge, Lash Masters Alumni and Managing Director of Ex-Import Pty Ltd.




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Elleebana wins the 2020 Australian Lash Open – Favourite Lash Brand Award!

Elleebana wins the 2020 Australian Lash Open – Favourite Lash Brand Award!

We are happy to announce that we took home the award for Favorite Lash Brand of the year! Elleebana won this award after showing great industry leadership, innovation, and unique thinking. Unfortunately, the Lash Open was postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak but we can’t wait for the event to take place in the future!

Thank you to everyone who voted for us, and the constant support we get from around the globe. We couldn’t do it without you!


Keep lifting lashes to new heights.



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Elleebana Covid-19 Announcement

Elleebana Covid-19 Announcement

While the world faces such uncertainty there is an incredible amount of unease for health, business and what is yet to come. Sadly there are no promises on any front and across all continents, this virus is taking effect, be it in the form of health issues or financial ones.

For business, this is an unknown platform as financial hardships have been faced before but not ever partnered with health issues.  Salons around the globe will face closures and loss of clientele because of the requirement of social distancing. This is hard news to hear. For many businesses this is an important time to pay attention to their health, safety and sanitation practises and in addition to these practices review the World Health Organisations recommendations for standard workplace practices – you can review these here:

Offering clients a level of reassurance that the place of business operates, and where possible exceeds, the government, local council and state recommendations for all levels of health, safety and sanitation could be the difference in the coming months between a business that survives or a business that thrives.

At Ex-Import we are highly focussed on the health, well-being, and safety of our own staff, our customers and stockists and will continue to monitor the progress of COVID-19. Our focus at this point is to be as prepared as possible and manage what support possible to all our global Elleebana lovers.

For trainers who are employed by Ex-Import, Elleebana’s Global Head Office, we have enrolled and now have Certification of Acknowledgement for each trainer in the Australian Government Department of Health unit in Infection Control Training for Covid-19.  This is an important step that we are taking as employers together with adhering to all Government recommendations and World Health Organisation recommendations for continued operations and training to meet and exceed the required standards for our students that attend our courses or for those that are researching who to train with.

We will aim for continued operations where possible by utilising technology and the capability for many of our office team to operate remotely should this be a requirement and should we experience quiet times due to the cessation of global trades and training we will utilise this time to prepare for a strong return when possible because reliability during uncertainty will help support the beauty industry that we love so very much.

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Elleebana Master Trainer in TOP 5!

Elleebana Master Trainer in TOP 5!

Elleebana Master Trainer Jessica Eaton gets 4th place in the Lash World Cup in Amsterdam over the weekend!

And just like that, the Lash World Cup 2020 is done and dusted. We are so proud of team Australia “The Lash Wizards of Oz” for competing and flying the flag for our country!

With over 355 entrants from 40 countries, the team absolutely smashed it, and we are so happy to announce our very own Master Trainer Jessica Eaton placed in the top 5 in the world, now ranked 4th place in the world for performing the Lash Lift service using Elleebana Lash Lift products and Elleeplex ReGen!

Check out Jessica’s Fantastic work below:

To read more about Master Trainer Jessica Eaton, CLICK HERE!

Jessica attended the Lash World Cup back in 2018 as a visitor and guest with Otto and Zoe while Otto judged the lash lift portion of the competition, and her ultimate goal was to compete in 2020. Jess has not only achieved this goal but absolutely smashed it and we are so incredibly proud of her growth and achievements here.  Many would feel the impact of competing in a foreign country, surrounded by floor judges who were scoring contestants down for any slip in technique.  Some of these floor judges were among Jessica’s industry idols raising the apprehension even further.

Quickly brushing her models’ lashes through before she sent her model off to the blind judging component where Otto would review hers and all of the other contestants work, Jess was more than content with the result.  Remembering all of the preparation and focal points that the team all had discussed before she left for Amsterdam, Jess put what she knew into practise and is now proudly holding her well-earned rank of 4th place in the world for Lash Lifting.

What a fantastic start to 2020, we cannot wait to see more from Jessica and our other extremely talented Master Trainers.

The entire team “The Lash Wizards of Oz” all performed extremely well and represented our great land in the most passionate and professional way. 

We also want to congratulate another member of the “Lash Wizards of Oz” Natasha Gallier for winning “Miss Social Media”. Team Australia, you rock! 


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